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Our teams that focus on corporate solutions are usually responsible for developing and advancing one or several applications, from internal applications used by CS employees to purely client applications, such as internet banking.

A team typically consists of 3-6 developers, from junior to truly experienced masters, a Product Owner, 1-2 analysts, 1-2 testers, and 1-2 customer journey experts. All these are complemented by an Agile Coach, of course.

If you would like to:

  • Take part in the development of brand-new applications in a modern architecture and with cutting-edge tools
  • Work with a wide range of diverse technologies, from FE technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript, Angular8+ or BE technology Java/Kotlin and their extensions (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Apacha Kafka…)
  • Participate in the design of the architecture of a new system
  • Use mainly relational databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL) but also nonSQL (Cassandra, REDIS, ElasticSearch)
  • Not only develop an application on a one-off basis, but keep working on it and continuously improve it, informed by feedback

We will get along well if you:

  • Have a knowledge of programming, know how to use objects, and are familiar with Java/Kotlin or Angular8+ (JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • Have no problem using HTML, CSS, and SQL
  • Have experience with the development of complex applications in teams

We will welcome:

  • Knowledge of LINUX operating systems (Redhat 7.x)
  • Experience in REST API design and UML, ERD modelling techniques, including Case tools (EA)
  • Knowledge of work with Docker with the Openshift/Kubernetes platform


 With us, you will have the opportunity to:

  • 42 days off (25 days of vacation, 5 days of sick leave with no questions asked, 1 extra day off every month for a great work-life balance)
  • CZK 120 in meal vouchers per day worked – fully paid by the employer
  • A Cafeteria contribution of CZK 9,600 (Multisport card is available)
  • Salary compensation of 80 000 - 125 000 czk/gross/month
  • Discounted bank products
  • A contribution to pension savings – up to CZK 28,800/year
  • Discounted mobile plan, car purchases (Škoda, Opel, Volkswagen, and others), purchase of electronics (Datart, Dell, and others), package travel purchase (Čedok, Exim Tours, Invia, and others), train travel – Leo Express, refreshments at Budějovická (KFC, UGO, Paul, Costa) and much more

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