Infrastructure Architect

Česká spořitelna je velká banka, která svým zaměstnancům dává velké možnosti. Staňte se součástí našeho velkého týmu, který koncentruje různorodý talent, vědomosti a zkušenosti. Učte se od osobností, které udávají trendy a nastavují směr českému bankovnictví. Pracujte v inspirativním prostředí, kde vládne přátelská atmosféra.

Role description:

  • Consultant / Architect role focused on IaaS and PaaS delivery on assigned projects
  • Management of Infrastructure projects and participation on customer projects
  • Development and documentation of IT infrastructure best practices / standards / services
  • Management / Leadership / Contribution to RFIs , RFQs, RFPs
  • Focus: Network LAN / MAN / WAN, Switching / Routing, Network Security, Compute / Servers, Virtualization / Containers, UNIX / Linux / Windows OS, Active Directory, SAN / Storage, Data Protection, Backup & Recovery, Database, J2EE AS, WEB servers, High Availability / Clustering, Disaster Recovery, Public and Private Cloud Solution, automation, orchestration, etc.
  • Activities: Requirements Gathering, Solution Design / Sizing / Costing, Project & Resource capacity planning, Demand / Change management, Service / SLA Definition

As an ideal candidate:

  • You have an EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE (5yrs+) in any of the following areas: Networking, Storage, Servers, Operating Systems, Databases, App / Web servers or any other IT Infrastructure Technology fields.
  • You have and know how to apply COMMON SENSE.
  • You have the ability to deliver assigned tasks alone as needed, but you understand that most of your work will be team-focused.
  • You have a customer-oriented thinking and so you know when to put “the customer glasses” on, but you also know when to apply the supplier's view.
  • You understand how to manage risks and how to achieve a balance between the best solution that will never get delivered and the worst solution could be delivered asap.
  • You know what is “service delivery”, and you also know a bit about ISO, ITIL, etc. However, you are not a theoretician, but rather a practical person who knows how much processes is just enough.
  • Written and spoken form of Czech & English Languages is not an issue for you.

We welcome experience in following areas:

  • Networking technologies and concepts / protocols incl. TCP / IP, DNS, IDS / IPS, Load balancers, Firewalls, Proxies, ...
  • Compute / Server HW / OS (Linux, UNIX, Windows), Virtualization / Containers
  • Storage / SAN concepts / protocols, data protection / copy / recovery
  • System & Database design / concepts / management & monitoring / troubleshooting
  • N-tier Application / WEB / J2EE / and other Middleware solution concepts
  • Security concepts (network, server, client, cloud, …)
  • Scripting, Programming, automation, orchestration, …
  • Public Cloud offerings (AWS, Azure, Google, …)
  • Financial institution (bank, insurance, …) application development, support, …

Our values and what we offer:

  • Knowledge, integrity, responsibility, order, improvement, consistency, freedom.
  • We have one of the largest IT infrastructure landscapes in the Czech Republic.
  • With us you will influence the development and operation of vast and complex data networks, farms containing thousands of compute servers, PBs of storage, hundreds of databases, application and web farms, and many many more.
  • Our focus is on technological content + fulfilment of goals rather on processes.
  • You will witness adding new virtual machines or containers each day to cater for new workloads. You will also see how our applications eat-up hundreds of TiBs of either block, file, object or cloud storage each month. Etc, etc.
  • You will also see that multi-million budget is managed almost like @home (precisely and wisely, yet still with a certain amount of unpredictability and risk).
  • You will work with the latest-greatest infrastructure technologies and you will help us to deliver software-defined “anything”.
  • You will join highly motivated team supported by our great boss and our top mgmt.
  • We have modern offices at Prague 4 close to metro station with good cafes all around, and we are also allowed to work from home occasionally.
  • With us you can expect realistic goals and deadlines, we do not like promising something we know we cannot deliver.
  • Our projects and team goals are valued over power and position of individuals.
  • Trust, openness and responsibility is our daily bread.
  • Training and social networking is served as needed.

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Infrastructure Architect

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